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hello this is my masterlist for my community KYUMINEMPIRE


Mommy Kyuhyun
PG* AU!college; fluff*  UNBETA'd, fail plot
Summary: The person kyuhyun hated the most is his ex-wife and when his son started looking for her, the only solution he got is to kneel down before his bestfriend, ask him out and make his bestfriend to pretend as his wife. Only if his bestfriend is a girl; unfortunately, he isn’t.

(  “either you have peepee or vajayjay, you’ll be Jintuo’s mother for a month okay?” )

Mommy Sungmin (sequel of Mommy Kyuhyun)

PG* AU!fluff,crack*  kyuhyun/sungmin*  grammar errors
summary: through the help of daddy kyuhyun, let's see how mommy sungmin conquered Jintuo's piqued curiosity of everything.

( “oh, I thought it would produce milk just like real mommies , guess that they are just man boobs.” )

Versus Uncle
Kyumin* Jintuo, AU!domestic, crack, fluff

( “Daddy, that’s not the shape of platypus!” Jintuo shrieked as he threw the papers he’s holding. He saw what his appa was making. Little Jintuo was shaking. His daddy violated the kingdom animalia of platypus. )

one shots

Remember Me
Nc-17*  unbeta'd, yaoi, * fail!smut
summary: When war breaks, hell loose, no one wants to let go apart.

( It formed a bubbling gratification, doubling the fire inside of them, tying them to a lust held by love. )

The touch of his masseur
Summary: kyuhyun went to a spa after his friends told him to relax a bit from his tight schedule. A spa that has more services to offer, will awaken every sleeping nerve of yours, and will keep you coming back, asking for more.

( So this is what this “senses spa” offers. )

Of sorcery and magic...
AU!fluff, crack*  PG-13 (for swearing)* kyuhyun/sungmin, Slight!eunhyuk/donghae* unbeta'd, grammar mistakes
summary: When sungmin thinks he's mightier than kyuhyun.. not until his body shrinked into..

a/n: an excerpt from one of my fics.."THE CURSE"

( Sungmin corrected him, he’s Kyuhyun’s little brother. )

If you’re not the one (prequel to "runaway")
nc-17* AU!mpreg, fluff and angst* mention of smut, unbeta'd
summary: When love chose to be complicated at the most simple times.

( It was the same kyuhyun after all. )

of drunkenness and leopard prints
expanded! smut* nc-17
Summary: a clichéd plot of kyuhyun getting drunk however with a twist of Sungmin being hyuna; a random night of unplanned sex with moans filling the room and Sungmin riding kyuhyun.

( Six words and Sungmin agreed to a fucking commitment. )

Their First Time
Kyumin* Nc-17* romance, smut, fluff* one-shot* UNBETA-ED, yaoi
Summary: Sungmin reminisces their first TIMES.

( Sungmin reminisces their first TIMES. )

When falling in love with a bestfriend
kyumin* fluff* G
summary: Kyuhyun eventually fall in love to the man who introduced to him what friendship is and defined what love is.

( I’ve grown fond of everything of you Silently, more silently, I will come closer to you )

My velveteen rabbito
kyumin* fluffy fluff AU!kid Kyuhyun* G* random, unbeta’d
Summary:   the story of a stuffed rabbit and his quest to become real through the love of his owner. Based from children’s novel written by Margery Williams.

( “ Now that my bunny is real. I will mark you as mine. Mine and only mine.” )

kyumin* AU!smutty, fluff, crack * PG-13* random, unbeta'd
Summary: It started with the codes his playboy could only understand

( damn boy are you sitting in an f5 key cos dat ass is refreshing)

kyumin* AU!smut, angst * M
Summary: Sungmin likes it when Kyuhyun touch him there, precisely there- as fingers ghost over his skin leaving trails of burning desire...

(“Kyu,” Sungmin whispered again and that’s all Kyuhyun really needs. )

Cup of Love
Kyumin, Slight!Siwon/Heechul* AU!fluff,crack * PG-13 (for swearing)
Summary: Kyuhyun loves coffee. Sungmin loves milk. And Heechul loves playing cupid.

( “No-“ Sungmin shook his head. “I – I like it. I like that I drink from your mug. I- I” he inhaled and gathered all courage in the world. )

Why Shorty isn’t really shorty
Kyumin* AU!fluff
Summary: Kyuhyun is tall. And he has a boyfriend named shorty, or so he thought.

( “You said I should overlook your height! I am now looking at your butt mathematically!” )


kyumin drabbles (for our sweet conversation) note: ratings are written there so you'll be warned to what are you reading

I’ll take care of you
fluff* G
Summary: in which Sungmin is sick on their favorite season of the year

( He smiled at how Sungmin looked like a baby cradled in his arms. “it doesn’t matter to me. All I wanted is you being safe.” )

Mini- series

Imagine Your OTP  (genre, ratings and summary depends on the chapter)

Falling in love :: Boredom :: Literally Fluffy :: Hidden at the back :: Doctor on Bed

Two Shots

The confession of a nerd [complete]
kyumin* G* fail!fluff, AU! Highschool
Summary: in which kyuhyun tried to win sungmin’s heart through his theoretical love letter and when he did, he just discovered he also has a secret admirer. Oh no, how to tell sungmin?

1 :: 2

Sweet melody [complete]
kyumin* PG-13* AU!angst, fluff, romance* unbeta'd
Summary: when your mind failed to remember, will your heart do it for you?

1 :: 2

Seven Reasons
Kyumin* AU!fluff, PG
Summary: Sungmin only has seven reasons why he doesn't like Kyuhyun. And another seven reasons why he loves him

1 :: 2


AU!angst, romance, slice of life*   kyuhyun/sungmin*  NC-17* yaoi, boy x boy
summary: A story of a typical naive teenager that embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a person who let age interferes love and let love defies age.

Prologue + 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4

Runaway [complete] W/OUT epilogue
PG13* a weird mixture of fluff and angst* mpreg, unbeta'd
summary:can you teach your heart to wait?" a one boring line that sprouts uncertainties and multiple colors of feelings, a one fucked up line that which kyuhyun asked to himself, but nonetheless was answered by sungmin..

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: epilogue

Fighting back the memories

kyumin* three-shots* nc-17* AU! angst, romance* mentions of crude language, bed scenes
Summary: what if love found you the second time around? Will that encounter be a chance …or just another lost opportunity?

1 :: 2 :: 3

Playful Trick
mpreg, fluff, romance* ranges from PG to rated M per chapter* kyumin
Summary: The story of the two of the most famous media personalities i Korea, of which by fate’s naughty plans, had committed a mistake that they will forever treasure; the same mistake that made them stronger, matured and the best of all a family.

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6 :: 7 :: 8 :: 9 :: 10 :: 11 :: 12 :: 13 :: 14

Above seoul [complete]
kyumin* nc-17* SMUT
summary: Kyuhyun fulfills sungmin's wish. And what is that wish?How they did that? Well, with all the guts they got they did it above Seoul.

1 :: 2 :: 3

Stay (sequel of "Touch of his masseur)
kyumin* AU!romance, drama, slice of life,* M (mentions of bed scene)
summary: Sungmin thinks he doesn't belong to his world

prologue + chapter 1 :: 2 and 3
Tags: character: sungmin, character; kyuhyun, kyumin, kyumin fanfic, masterlist

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