Polin (sweetsmirk137) wrote,

Brave one

title: Dealing with time..
genre: fluff
pairing: kangmin and yemin
type: drabble
summary: inspired by this

Kangmin: Brave One

The monotonous and plain unattractive voice of the teacher falls into the background, with his head bending almost close to his dark brown desk, Sungmin is sure that Kangin has fallen asleep in the middle of the class.

If basing on the way the other has his head swaying sideways, practically keeping his self uptight and collected as the professor splutter nonsensical words, then Sungmin is really sure that his boyfriend is torn between listening and dreaming.

“Kangin” he whispered, afraid that his voice would be heard by his professor.

Soft but loud enough to wake up the man, Sungmin whispered again, but this time he prod the side gently earning a grunt from the other.

“wake up hyung,” he inched forward, and when he is too close enough, he blew some air to his hyung’s ear.

The man jerked forward, disoriented and annoyed, he turned his head at the back but only to earn a snicker at the younger. They are free to do such since they are almost at the back of the room, far from the prof but not so near to the exit, at least not also in the middle.

“why did you do that? You know I hate that fucking much.” Kangin has no vices, except for the mundane love for profanities that he almost inhales every foul word the world can offer.

At least he doesn’t smoke nor drinks, he reasoned out.

“at least you woke up.”

“shit.” Kangin spoke in a voice so low yet manly sending shivers to Sungmin’s spine.

He loves that voice so much.

“you are so sweet.” Sungmin said back with a tinge of sarcasm yet unfazed.

“sweet huh.” and if being sweet means Kangin raising his brows in a cocky way, his trademark eye-smile, add the fact that he has those eyes outlined by an ebony marker, Sungmin saw it all wrong.

Charismatic maybe.

Fifteen minutes had passed since Kangin has been looking back to Sungmin in an almost five second interval.

“can you not do that?” he said without sparing a glance to his boyfriend.

“why? How can I not eye such piece of beauty.”

Sungmin just continued writing, perhaps also stealing some annoyed glances to his Kangin.

Within the last 20 minutes of class, Kangin didn’t found turning to Sungmin for every goddamn fve seconds into some tiring bullshit.

“stop, I said stop.” Sungmin said with voice almost close to crying, probably annoyed and irritated.


Kangin stopped.

But instead, he rested his head above Sungmin’s desk making his vision to turn upside down.

Not even minding he professor in front of him –that he might be seen- and not even minding the irritated boyfriend on his back, Kangin continued staring to his cute bunny.

“I am taking down notes. Stop.” But this time Sungmin faced Kangin who’s smiling at him like an idiot.

“ you know what is sweet?”

Sungmin raised an eyebrow.


Kangin reached up for Sungmin’s neck, grabbed it and mold his lips to the angel above him.

He nibbled Sungmin’s lower lip as he smiles within the kiss.


He licked his lips.

“is sweet.”

Leaving Sungmin in his most dumbfounded state.

yemin: Because of turtle..


‘well I hate you too…” the tone was flat unlike his tenor voice but even labeled as soprano because it is almost as close to a female voice.

Yesung turned to Sungmin, eyes rabid as dog and his small fingers were securely wrapped around his turtle or tortoise or shell covered specie as how Sungmin addressed it.

“well I hate you too…” he repeated as if Sungmin didn’t hear what he had said earlier.

Sungmin huffed clearly irritated with yesung’s antics, how on earth is he my boyfriend?”

“you don’t have to repeat that.” The smaller man snatched the turtle away and tried drowning it to the nearest bathtub. But of course to his dismay, the turtle enjoyed the cool feeling he was suddenly thrust into.

Yesung wrapped his hand around Sungmin’s waist while putting his chin over the other’s shoulder. He can feel Sungmin’s momentarily split of shock before deciding to drown the turtle again.

“you’re such a kid. Of course that’s a turtle.”

“turtle.turtle.turtle. always that turtle.”

“but it’s you that hugged at night.” He felt sungmin putting the turtle down slowly.

“it’s you whom I always sang lullabyes at night.” Now he can feel Sungmin’s body slightly shaking.
“it’s you whom I kiss every now and then..”

Sungmin faced him as he loosen his grip around the other but only to take Sungmin’s hands over his shoulders and together they waltzed towards the living room.

Momentarily forgetting the turtle that is swimming all his life over the bathtub, Yesung lead Sungmin outside.
“it’s you who I always have sexy time.”

Sungmin leaned his head over yesung’s shoulder as they dance to the silent tune of waltz.

“it’s you whom I made love.”

This time Sungmin can’t make his eyes to look at Yesung.

“it’s you whom I love”


His words were captured by yesung’s swollen lips, his cries were muffled by the music produced by their in sync heartbeats and his mind was clouded by Yesung’s lovely face.

Yesung might have loved his turtle but Sungmin was the one Yesung had chosen to spent his time through the rest of their lives.

Not the turtle.

a/n: please don't hate me.. my first time writing kangmin and yemin .. hihiihi basically i write kyumin))
as requested by akemi59 hi bella~ and a gift for yeminfan waves at crazy:))
Tags: character: kangin, character: sungmin, character: yesung, genre: fluff


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